72 Hereson Road Ramsgate, Kent CT117DS     Telephone: 01843 592071   Rector: Fr Christopher Basden

Welcome to the Roman Catholic Parish of Ramsgate and Minster in the Archdiocese of Southwark. The parish comprises three churches: St Ethelbert’s, The Shrine of St Augustine and Minster Abbey. Please see mass times, newsletter, events and parish contact information below.  We hope you enjoy our lively parish! God bless.

Please see our mass schedule below, as well as the parish updates and information. 


Please see below for our Mass Schedule

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Daily Schedule St. Ethelbert's St. Augustine Minster Abbey
Monday9:30am Mass
12:00pm Mass9:00am Mass
Tuesday9:30am Mass12:00pm Mass9:00am Mass
Wednesday9:30am Latin Mass12:00pm Mass9:00am Mass
Thursday9:30am Mass12:00pm Mass
12:30pm Confession
9:00am Mass
Friday8:00am Mass
5:30pm Polish Mass
Stations of the Cross on 1st Friday of the month at
3.00pm at St. Ethelbert’s Church

Chaplet of Divine Mercy on Fridays at 3.00 pm at St.
Ethelbert’s (except on the 1st Friday)
12:00pm Mass
12:30pm Confession
9:00am Mass
Saturday10:00am Confession
5:00pm Confession
5:30pm Mass
12:00pm Mass9:00am Mass
Sunday9:30am Confession
10:00am Mass
12:00pm Polish Mass
8:30am Mass
12:00pm Latin Mass
10:00am Mass

Fr. Simon Heans on A day with Mary 2018

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